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Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow. It is designed to be used for English speakers who are learning to read English as well as bilingual learners who are learning how to read and speak English. Reproducerea integral[ sau parial[ a textului sau a ilustraiilor din acest manual este posibil[ numai cu acordul scris al editurii. Manualul nr. English in Our Life Talking about the importance of language Words related to language Prepositions from, in, of, to 6 L2.

Granny, Dear Granny Asking for and giving personal infromation Adjectives describing people Comparison as The English Climate Talking about the English climate Adjectives describing weather, climate and places The with geographical names 44 L3.

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The Adventure Continues Shall We Go Shopping? Talking about shops and clothes Shops and shopping Possessive pronouns 70 L7. GoetheAnswer the questions. How many languages do you speak? What languages do you speak? What other languages would you like to learn? Is it difficult to learn a foreign language? How does knowledge of English help you understand your native language better?

Read the texts and speak about the languages you know. The English people borrowed words from other languages. Words like plaza, fiesta come from Spanish. Some come from French: hotel, restaurant, picnic and others. There are also words from the German language.

Does any of you have a dachshund, poodle, or boxer? Do you remember when you first went to kindergarten? During your music lessons you may use words from the Italian language. Do you play the piano, viola or trombone? These are only a few examples of the many thousands of words that English borrowed from other languages. Match the words with the definitions. English is a world language. About million people speak it.

Moral Stories For Kids

In other countries it is used as a second language. It is a way in which people who have different languages communicate with each other. English is the language of international trade and in many countries it is the most popular foreign language among students. Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and Hindustani are the five most spoken languages in the world Do you know that TheFirstLesson 6. UnitOne 7 4 Would you like to have Emily as a pen-friend?

Use a dictionary to translate these English words that come from other languages. Write sentences for each one. Racoon, hamburger, boss, robot, noodles, rodeo. Put the parts together and read the letter. Dear friend, My name is Emily and I am from Bradford. My brother works for a toy company. James Fisher, London. I love rock music and roller skates. Write soon. Write a letter to a pen-friend. Agnes Wilson, 12, Leeds. Hobby — reading adventure stories. Favourite colour — green.


Barbara’s Backlash

Hate boring people. Paul Brian, 12, Birmingham. If you are interested in modern inventions, please, write. I also like reading science fiction. It is getting up early. Write to me soon.

How December 25 Became Christmas

Best wishes, Emily 6 7 8 I study two foreign languages at school, French and Spanish. This year I am going to study German, too. Life is easier when you know more languages. My hobby is collecting stamps. They help me learn more about the world. UnitOne 8 Lesson Two 1 2 Answer the questions. Who is the head of state in Great Britain? What is the name of the present British queen? What other British kings or queens do you know?

Favorite Senior Jokes Book: Funny Jokes for Seniors

Legendary Past ugly last past bad dignity n popularity n journal n great grandchild n length n restore v succeed v reign v propose v marry v Word Bank Queen Victoria succeeded her uncle, William IV, as Queen of England in at the age of She reigned for 64 years. Victoria first learned of her future role as a young princess during a history lesson when she was 10 years old.

Queen Victoria proposed to her cousin Prince Albert on October 15, They had nine children. There were 37 great grandchildren alive at her death.


Her long reign became a legend. By the length of her reign, the longest in English history, she restored both the dignity and popularity of the British Crown. Read the text about Queen Victoria and say why the British people are proud of her. Find the opposites of these words in the text. Queen Victoria became queen at the age of twenty-four.

Queen Victoria restored the dignity of France.

Our top fantasy book series recommendations | Fantasy Book Review

TheSecondLesson 8. Complete the sentences with the words from the box and learn who King Alfred was. He in the 9th century. During his Alfred wanted to educate his people. He invited to come from Europe. He ordered monks to write books. He introduced his own laws. He also fought lots of. His were the Vikings. He often his army to against the Vikings. Write 8 sentences about a legendary person you know. Fill in with the right articles where necessary. Vikings were brave people who came from Scandinavia. In 9th and 10th centuries they travelled to many lands including British Isles.

They were violent people and fought with iron swords and spears. They wore helmets with horns on them. The Vikings invaded England in 9th century when King Alfred ruled country. He won most of them. Little remained of his army. He asked for shelter. The Turks defeated my army. The enemy is on my tracks. I hope to find shelter in your convent and gather my remaining forces. Go and defeat the enemy of our Motherland. Win the battle or die for your land. Only then will I know that you are my son. He gathered the remains of his army and finally defeated the Turks.