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  2. 10 Meal Prep Ideas (For Beginners & Busy People)
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  4. 12 Practical Tips For Meal Prepping When You’re Busy

Create your own table to breeze through your week with the magic of meal prep. If this seems complicated, we have you covered.

Healthy Meal Planning & Prep For Busy People: Part I Meal Planning - TJ Tells It

Schedule a meal-prep planning session with one of our Registered Dietitians. Choose which day s you will 1 plan your menu and meals, 2 write out a grocery list, 3 grocery shop, and 4 cook and prepare the meals. This may be done all in the same day or broken up between a couple days. Do whatever is manageable for you! First, take inventory of your fridge, freezer and cupboard. Another hassle-free and fun! Themed meals takes the guesswork out and you can choose any day of the week to schedule it a theme. Need help making sure you are choosing healthy recipes?

Check out the Healthy Eating Plate as a simple reference on eating nutritiously. Or schedule a counseling session with one of our B. Komplete Registered Dietitians. Again, making sure to account for items you already have on hand, create a grocery list. And then, go grocery shopping! Another benefit of using a grocery list is that it will help save time and money and reduce impulse purchases! You can use already formatted lists like this one to the right which you can type directly into it, or print it out to hand-write.

Another fantastic option is to use a note keeping app for your phone or computer like Google Keep. There is no one method.

MEAL PREP - 9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

You can cook and assemble the entire meal or just prep some of the ingredients eg. Storage is the final step before eating! Make sure you have plenty of large containers if you plan on batch-cooking. Other necessities include large freezer bags, and containers in a variety of sizes. When prepping lunches, portion meals into containers you can just grab and go during the week.


10 Meal Prep Ideas (For Beginners & Busy People)

Leave us a comment below and tell us how you incorporate meal prep into your week or share your S. Educated, B. Inspired, B. Your email address will not be published.


But with time, unhealthy food choices, irregular eating times, inflated portions, and eating too quickly can take their toll on energy levels, alertness, and brain functioning not to mention our waistline. Preparing meals ahead of time helps eliminate poor eating habits from our day-to-day lifestyle by making sure we have lots of healthy, portion controlled options on hand to grab no matter how drained we are. Below are 6 tips to simplify your meal prep experience!

Be consistent, and get into a routine! Choose one day of the week that allows you to dedicate a couple of hours to your meal prep. It never hurts to pencil it into your schedule ahead of time or set an alarm reminder on your phone. Make your grocery shop quick and easy by creating a grocery list ahead of time, then stick to it. While prepping your food for the week ahead you will quickly realize just how much food is needed. Once you have a good idea, try buying in bulk or stocking up on sale items. It can help save a lot of money.

Consuming a variety of nutrients is important to your overall health and helps you feel satisfied. To have a well-rounded diet, make sure your grocery list includes foods from all four food groups: grains and starches, dairy and meat or alternatives if you avoid these groups , and fruits and veggies.

When preparing your meals try and prepare them all the same way.

12 Practical Tips For Meal Prepping When You’re Busy

Considering I could buy an entire pound of raw ginger root for the same price, yes. Is it worth it?

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Crockpots and Instant Pots are en vogue right now, and for good reason: they can seriously cut down your hands-on cooking time. A slow cooker does take up some space but is well worth the sacrifice if you can commit to using it. Picking the right size crockpot is key.


Slow cookers come in tiny, 2-quart sizes perfect for a tailgate all the way up to 10 quarts, and because the slow cooker needs to be filled at least halfway for proper cooking, having an appropriate size for your family and how many leftovers you want is crucial. A quart slow cooker is typically appropriate for a family of two with leftover to four no leftovers , whereas a quart can accommodate larger families.

Using a slow cooker is incredibly easy: simply load it up with veggies, meat or beans , and some liquid, set the temperature, and go about your business until the time is up. Some swear by cooking food overnight talk about multi-tasking! Pick a method that works with your schedule, find a recipe , and get cooking! Buffet meal preps entail preparing each component of a meal separately and then combining them in new ways during the week. They allow you to take advantage of the time-saving benefits of meal prep, without committing upfront to what those components will build.