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  1. Legion of Angels
  2. Book club discussion questions and an interview with the writing team behind Between the Lines
  3. Sectional Issues

I toss him out, no thoughts about it.

He finds me in a place of vulnerability. Not succumbing to his charms is harder than I anticipate and that has nothing to do with his celebrity and fame. I deal with the famous all the time. I deal with people all the time, but Diondre is different. Like I said, I deal with people.

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Legion of Angels

Enthrall is a 30,word, short standalone, but is also book four in the new adult contemporary romance series Found by You. The dust has settled around Roxie and I. As I look toward a means to ensure that I see Roxie doing her own self-discovery. I suppose a girl has to do what she has to do in the end, so I decided to intercept Uncle Sam before he could come for me. I answered an ad and the guy showed up at the coffeehouse we agreed to meet at.

He looks familiar to me. About a baby? She wants to carry… my baby? Oddly, before the moment I met this woman the thought had never really crossed my mind. I get the news right before I meet her.

Book club discussion questions and an interview with the writing team behind Between the Lines

I meet her and everything changes. I want a baby.

Geek 101 on the Dividing Line

I want another chance to lead a fulfilling life and I want… her. I come to Aspen to get away. I need to get away.

Vampire's Kiss

She lets me know exactly why she cheated on me once again and I just need something, anything to take this pain away. I meet a guy there. I need the feeling of him, but it goes beyond that. We only have this short excursion together. She works for my family. I need this job. My mom needs me to have this job. Her medical bills are piling up and without her care, I might lose her.

The Space Between is book one of a new adult, coming-of-age series by Victoria H. Will the City of Love continue to stoke the flame?

Sectional Issues

I follow her to Paris. I go to France for her. I love her and want nothing more than for her to live out her dreams. The Dividing Line is book two in a new adult, coming-of-age romance by Victoria H. Will the journey bring them closer together? He explores my body in ways that make me feel nearly dirty, and just as my heart starts to open for him, he snatches the connection we quickly develop away.

Who is the man whose bed I visited repeatedly over the course of several days? Thank you. A deliciously sexy spin on rockstar meets regular girl.

What could go wrong, right? So, one day Mr. Sexy decides to walk into my record store. Really, Harley? But honestly, that entire evening and the days that follow become a haze for me. You see, I have no idea who he is until I do. You have set your novels in many different cities in the UK, do you have a favourite you like to use. I like to write about places I know and where I feel comfortable because I think it gives the book more authenticity.

Your books have also featured many memorable characters, do you have one that is your favourite. It lets me really push them to their limits, which makes them fun to write. A lot of this information is freely available on the internet but I have also asked a police officer and people I know with expertise in these areas. I spent quite a few years working as a medical secretary in several different surgical departments so I have quite a good background as to how a hospital works and a very basic medical knowledge, which helped me write Above Reproach.

As most of my main characters inevitably experience a sourjourn in hospital my previous career has helped me write a lot of those scenes too. I love history, so my bookcase is stuffed full of books on the Victorian era, the nineteen twenties, Scottish history and the first and second world wars, which helped me no end writing Bleed Through, Grave Memories and Listen for the Rain, all set in eras I love. I do base some of my characters on actors. Martina Maguire was a dedication to Martina Cole.

At the Masterclass the wonderful Alex Gray gave me some very helpful advice about how to hook a reader at the start of a book. The truly fabulous Val McDermid also gave a fantastic speech packed full of helpful tips.

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  • A Letter To My Daughter.

There will be many more books in this series, I want the characters to grow with me in the years to come. Your writing has been compared to some of the great female crime writers, how does that make you feel. The most important thing is to read as much as you can and learn from the greats but also find your own style, That will give you your own voice and make you stand out from the crowd. Set up your own website and regularly blog. Get a Twitter or Facebook account. If you publish on Amazon use the Author Page facility so people can learn more about you and interact with you.

Do your research too. The main thing is that your reader keeps turning the page and wants to get to the end of the book. One last thing, write more than one book. A series of books will be much more popular than a stand-alone novel. This helps you set the next novel up so they run into each other seamlessly. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.